Buried for a long time, Alyssa Soebandono finally uncovers the illness that Dude Harlino has suffered for 30 years

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Alyssa Soebandono suddenly brought sad news about her husband, Dude Harlino. It turned out that Dude Harlino had secretly performed surgery after 30 years of suffering from illness.

A new fact has been revealed about Dude Harlino, who has been suffering from the disease for 30 years.

Dude Harlino also ventured to perform the surgical procedure. Given the health conditions that often go up and down because of the disease.

Alyssa Soebandono who revealed the condition of Dude Harlino. “He was admitted to the hospital on Friday morning, so the action was Friday afternoon.”

“And it just so happened that the correct operation didn’t take too long.”

“So about 30 minutes to 45 minutes, after that recovery,” said Alyssa Soebandono.

“Recovery from the operation takes one to two hours, Dude only stays one night in the hospital,” he added.

Not only that, Dude Harlino’s wife also revealed that her husband had been suffering from tonsillitis for 30 years.

“It’s been 30 years living with tonsils like this.”

“Because it was discovered that the tonsils were in elementary school (elementary school).”

“When checked by the doctor, it turned out to be inflamed, and caused by swollen tonsils,” explained Alyssa Soebandono.

It was stated that he was suffering from tonsillitis, it was said that Dude Harlino was not allowed to swallow any cold food or drink.

“So since then until yesterday I didn’t drink cold.”

“Even if you want to drink cold or ice cream, you have to warm it up until it’s really warm before you can eat it,” he said.

However, according to Alyssa Soebandono, prevention of not eating and drinking cold is not enough.

“Several times, the inflammation recurs, also has a fever, in cold weather the inflammation recurs,” he said, as quoted from an impression on the TRANS7 Lifestyle YouTube channel.

However, Alyssa Soebandono said that Dude Harlino’s condition has now improved, quoted from Sripoku.com.

Meanwhile, according to GridHot.ID, Alyssa Soebandono has just celebrated her 30th birthday.

Alyssa Soebandono celebrates her happy day right at the Christmas celebration, December 25, 2021.

Seeing the appearance of Alyssa Soebandono at the age of 30, not a few people were surprised.

The reason is that the former soap opera star still looks young like a teenager.

Whereas previously the soap opera ‘Is this it’s’ player was said to be getting thinner.

But who would have thought, Alyssa Soebandono’s appearance has now successfully stolen the attention of netizens.

This was known through an upload on his Instagram account, Sunday (12/26/2021).

In her portrait, Alyssa Soebandono sticks three fingers on her face.

She poses smiling for the camera and wears a light blue hijab.

In the caption, he also thanked those who had congratulated him.

“Oh, hello 30. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes.

(Oh, hello 30. Thank you for all the good birthday wishes),” he wrote in the caption.

He also uploaded several birthday gifts in the form of birthday cakes, flower bouquets, and others.

This upload has also received praise from netizens.

Don’t forget to say a few words from fellow artists.

It turns out that not a few do not believe that Alyssa Soebandono has three heads.

Moreover, according to them, this woman’s face is still like a girl in her early 20s.

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windyario: happy birthday beautiful, happy blessings in the afterlife

nengnada11: 30 years feels like 20 years, Sis Ichaa, she’s beautiful, hasn’t changed since she was young, masyaallah, met milladdd, brother

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