Luna Maya’s Response Was Asked Have You Been Perverted in a Car or Not?

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Luna Maya (Markuat/

1NEWSLuna Maya embarrassed when asked by Gofar Hilman about his misbehavior with his partner while in a car. Gofar without further ado asked Ariel Noah’s ex-lover whether he had ever been perverted in his favorite car.

This question was asked by Gofar Hilman when he was visited Luna Maya who wants to work on YouTube content, discusses about his personal car. Gofar is known to have video content containing collectible car trinkets.

When he entered Gofar’s house, in the midst of a conversation about a collection car, Gofar immediately led to a prank question.

Luna Maya (Markuat/1NEWS)

Lu Have you ever had sex in a car? If not, just answer just no,” Gofar Hilman asked Luna Maya on YouTube in October 2021.

Luna Maya’s expression looked surprised to hear Gofar’s question. The artist and model from Bali also questioned Gofar’s intentions.

“What’s the definition of pervert in a car?” Luna Maya replied with a curious face.

“What’s crazy,” said Luna Maya after receiving an explanation from Gofar.

Luna Maya (Markuat/

Luna Maya (Markuat/1NEWS)

Without answering, Luna continued to ask Gofar Hilman the same thing. Putri Tanjung’s ex-lover admitted that he had never done anything lewd with his partner in the car.

The radio announcer explained why. He will always avoid lewd acts in a private car because his vehicle has been purchased and modified with the results of his own sweat. According to Gofar, tarnishing a collection car can bring bad luck.

“No, I believe that what are you doing in the car I buy modifications with great effort, if you stain kayak like that usually will bad luck, said Gofar Hilman.

Instead of discussing further about being obscene in the car, Luna even asked Gofar to discuss another theme. The reason that Gofar discussed is not usually discussed in the content.

“Can this be another theme or not, it’s a bit hot, yes, it’s not a theme discussed in the content I,” concluded Luna Maya laugh.



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