Just a few seconds of shooting dead, this woman figure tries to contact President Jokowi to ask for help, the results are shocking!

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Several years ago, this woman’s name, Mary Jane from the Philippines, caused a stir in the country’s public. Quoted from the tribunnewsmaker.com page, the figure of Mary Jane Veloso is known to be a Filipino citizen who is entangled in a case in Indonesia.

Not only that, the mother of two was caught red-handed carrying a 2.6 kg hero-in at Adisutjipto International Airport, Yogyakarta. Because of Mary Jane’s recklessness, the woman from the Philippines was sentenced to death.

But before her death, Mary Jane’s life was saved after President Jokowi called at the last second before her execution.

Launching from Gridpop.ID, Mary Jane herself comes from a poor family in the Philippines who has to go abroad to earn a living.

The female figure also only went to school up to junior high school level, married early and experienced violence from her husband, struggling to support her two children Mark Darren and Mark Daniel.

Until finally trapped in the narcotics network and then arrested by Customs and Excise officers at Adisutjipto International Airport for being proven to be carrying hero-in drugs weighing 2.6 kilograms worth Rp. 5.5 billion when he got off an airplane on the Kuala Lumpur-Yogyakarta route in 2010. .

After undergoing a series of legal processes, Mary Jane’s status is now a death row inmate after a long trial process.

Mary Jane had experienced extraordinary events during the legal process. Mary Jane escaped death before waiting her turn in front of a firing squad on Nusakambangan Island in 2015.

The mother of two children was once placed in the Class IIA Wirogunan Yogya prison, until on Friday (4/24/2015) at 01.41 WIB she was moved to Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java.

That night several years ago, the prison received an order to transfer Mary Jane to Nusakambangan, Friday morning, after receiving the order, the prison immediately woke up Mary Jane who was fast asleep in the prison in the center of Yogya City.

When awakened Mary Jane was not surprised and seemed calm. The woman also understood that she was awakened to be immediately transferred to the execution site.

After waking up, Mary Jane took the time to pray before being taken to Cilacap, unexpectedly, she finally returned to Yogyakarta.

Quoting from Tribunjogja.com, Mary Jane at that time was the only one of nine death row inmates who had been scheduled for execution.

Instructions from the president came just seconds before Mary Jane would face the firing squad. The reason is that the mother of two from the Philippines still needs a statement because of her recruiter.

At that time further investigation was needed for his involvement.

Mary Jane’s party has taken various legal efforts.

Legal efforts have been taken until the second Judicial Review (PK) is rejected.

But in the final seconds before the execution, President Jokowi postponed it.

Previously, the President of the Philippines asked Indonesia to postpone the execution of the woman who was then 30 years old.

Mary Jane’s latest news was revealed during the visit of the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights to the Class IIB Yogyakarta Women’s Correctional Institution (LPP) in Wonosari, Gunungkidul.

The Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights (Wamenkumham) of the Republic of Indonesia, Edward Omar Sharif Hiarij made a visit on Thursday (17/02/2022).

Edward is said to have had a special talk with Mary Jane Veloso.

This was stated by the Head of LPP Class IIB Yogyakarta Ade Agustina.

“Earlier, he had an interview with MJ, it was part of his visit,” said Ade.

Mary Jane is known as a death row inmate for drug smuggling.

However, until now there has been no legal certainty, especially in terms of the execution of the sentence.

Ade assessed that the meeting between Mary Jane and the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights could provide hope regarding legal certainty.

Moreover, according to him, the main actor from the drug smuggling network has reportedly been arrested.

“Information obtained by Mary Jane also has the opportunity to be a witness in the trial,” he said.

According to Ade, efforts to relieve the law against the woman from the Philippines have been carried out through clemency and review (PK). But both were rejected.

He also hoped that Mary Jane would get a breath of fresh air with the visit of the Deputy Minister.

Moreover, according to him, the Deputy Minister had praised Mary Jane’s talent which he considered extraordinary.

“Earlier he asked Mary Jane to be patient and the matter of legal certainty will be discussed further,” said Ade.

Meanwhile, quoted from the kompas.com page, Mary Jane, who was sentenced to death for drug cases, a Filipino citizen, had been waiting for the death sentence for 11 years.

While waiting for the death sentence, she lived in the Yogyakarta Class II A Women’s Prison in Wirogunan, Yogyakarta.

Wednesday (10/3/2021), Mary Jane and 87 inmates moved to Yogyakarta Class II B Prison in Wonsari, Gunungkidul, DI Yogyakarya.

The transfer of the inmates is a sign of the operation of the Yogyakarta Class II B Women’s Special Prison.

According to the Head of Yogyakarta Class II B Women’s Prison, Ade Agustina, Mary Jane spends a lot of time making batik and writing cloth every day.

Countless number of batik cloths made by the mother of two children.

Although sold for Rp. 600,000 per sheet, Mery’s batik sold for millions of rupiah.

Orders for batik made by Mary Jane came from ordinary citizens to members of the embassy.

The money from the sale of batik was not given in cash to Mary Jane. But in the form of e-money which was then sent to his family in the Philippines.

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