Confessing to his wife he only has a little money, this man secretly keeps his money in a pipe so that his wife doesn’t take it, collected Rp. 200 million for 3 years until he is moved

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The events in this household are both surprising and impressive.

The reason is, a husband in this household secretly keeps his money in a pipe and does not give it to his wife.

This husband secretly has a savings account of his own. In fact, the nominal of his savings was revealed many years later.

This is what happened to this married couple from Yiyang City, Hunan Province, China.

Launching, on Monday (22/6), this man named Tang hid some of his money for 3 years.

Then he saved it in a place that was unexpected by his wife and family though.

Tang argued that he needed to do something to save money, in case his family needed something with emergency money.

Therefore, apart from giving his wife a monthly fee, Tang secretly kept some of the money in a secret place.

He also kept the money without his family and wife knowing.

The goal is, so that the money is kept secretly in a pipe hole on the stairs of his house.

Incidentally the handle of the pipe on the stairs of his house had a hole, so he put the money in it.

He hid the money for 3 years without anyone knowing, so it was difficult to retrieve the money.

In addition, Tang also told his wife that he only had a small amount of money, his goal was so that she could save.

After 3 years of hiding the money, on June 18th, Tang told his wife and family everything.

Later, Tang and his wife then dismantled the handrail on the stairs of his house.

They spent 4 hours dismantling the pipe, then calculating everything in total.

After counting all the money, Tang and his wife were surprised when they counted the amount.

They found the amount had already reached 100 thousand yuan, or around Rp. 200 million, after being stored for 3 years.

On the other hand, Tang’s wife and son were surprised to find out the money his father had, didn’t expect them to have that much savings.

Tang later explained that he was doing this so that his wife and child could save money.

Because if they knew maybe the money would have been taken long ago.

Tang planned to use the money to build a house for his son, so he told his family about his secret savings.

Meanwhile, the story of the husband saving 100 thousand Yuan for 3 years suddenly went viral on Chinese social media.

Many people gave positive comments on what Tang did.

“He really thinks about his family,” one netizen said.

“Where can I find a husband like this now,” added another netizen.

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