Masya Allah, Residents Are Amazed To See A Dog So Solemnly Hear The Maghrib Azan

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A unique and touching video was shared by a netizen through the Tiktok page. The video shows a dog looking calm when he hears the sound of the Maghrib call to prayer.

The video was posted on the @miky21694 account and has been watched by 1.9 million social media users in one day of viewing.

The short video shows the chanting of the call to prayer in a densely populated residential area.

A brown shiba inu dog apparently welcomed the call to prayer that he heard very warmly.

The dog brought his face closer to the sidelines of the owner’s house fence to welcome the call to prayer that resounded.

The sight gave me goosebumps because every stanza after verse when the call to prayer sounded, the dog howled softly with a moved face as if welcoming the call to prayer with joy.

The dog’s eyes even hinted at feeling touched and obedient to hear the call to prayer. His head was then bowed down and again reacted the same way along with the call to prayer.

“My dog’s funny behavior heard the melodious chanting of the Maghrib call to prayer,” he wrote in the caption.

The owner also admitted that this dog’s behavior always occurs even when the call to prayer echoes.

“Her characteristic is that every time she hears the call to prayer, she always asks to come out and yes, she goes like that,” he said.

This post immediately got excited reactions from thousands of netizens who also witnessed it.

“Another minority with an open spirit is in a different environment but still maintains togetherness for the sake of peace, remains a good and tolerant person,” commented the account @Ada***.

“All living things on this earth praise the Creator in their own way,” added another account @ridho***.

“That he knows to answer the call of the creator,” wrote the account @mrs***.

“Smart guguknya, really enjoy the sound of the call to prayer, greetings of tolerance,” said @Louis ***.

“Animals also do dhikr to Allah and recite takbir in their own language,” said the account @wang***.

“Animals worship according to their own way, animals don’t get lost,” added the @Rosya*** account.

“Subhanallah he seems to answer the call to prayer,” typed the @Dew*** account.

“Mashaallah it seems he answered the call to prayer,” commented @A3***.

A total of 7144 comments replied to each other in the post of the account. They were touched by the dog’s attitude. Video of the dog hearing the call to prayer,

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