The Viral Story of Ojol whose son died while delivering orders, these are the facts

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Recently, a video has gone viral with the narration of an online motorcycle taxi driver still delivering customer orders even though he is hearing the news that his child has died.

To his customers, the driver, known to have the initials NR, admitted that his 19-year-old son died of liver disease. NR said he got the news while waiting in line for food orders.

Then the video received many comments from netizens who claimed to be amazed and sorry for the driver.

But an astonishing fact was revealed by the TikTok account @Oreo. Viewed on Tuesday (1/3/2022), the account tells the facts behind NR’s sad story that attracted sympathy from netizens to the point of intending to raise funds.

“Until finally I decided to open a donation, but before that I want to make sure about the Gojek driver. So since this morning I’ve been looking for a lot of information until I also called Gojek Indonesia, but they haven’t been able to follow up further because they have to find out internally first, okay?” he said.

Not giving up, the account owner said he was still trying to find out about the motorcycle taxi drivers.

“And it turns out that a lot of DMs have come in and there is one TikTok resident who also comments, because it turns out that they have experienced the same case,” he said.

The account owner also tried to confirm directly to NR regarding this matter. However, when asked about his son, the driver answered with confusion and seemed to have many reasons.

Messages from other customers also keep coming with the same case and driver at different times.

“So in conclusion, it has been confirmed that this is the mode,” concluded the account owner.

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