Viral just became a wife, the figure of the bride was immediately arrested by the police and the marriage was canceled because of the actions of a construction worker

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Some time ago the public was shocked by the news of a bride who was escorted by the police in the middle of her wedding ceremony. It didn’t stop there, the bride was forced to take off the wedding ring that had been pinned on her ring finger.

The wedding commotion went viral starting from the actions of a man who works as a construction worker. It is known that this horrendous incident occurred in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. A blessing ceremony at the HKBP Delitua Church, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra initially went smoothly.

A look of happiness appeared on the faces of Toni Sihombing (25) and Rina boru Nasution (26), a married couple who had just had a wedding reception. In that happy moment, Toni Sihombing was seen wearing a suit.

Meanwhile, the woman looks beautiful in a kebaya and makeup like most brides. But the happy moment immediately changed when a man named Eka Agustina came and raised an objection to the marriage.

Eka Agustina suddenly claimed to be the legal husband of Rina boru Nasution. The atmosphere was immediately dispersed when he found out that Rina boru Nasution had deceived the groom and his family. Before getting married, Rina Boru Nasution claimed to be a widow whose husband was gone.

That day it was revealed that Rina boru Nasution was still the legal wife of Eka Agustina. In fact, he already has three young children. As a result, the blessing of his marriage was canceled by Pastor Doli Gultom. Suddenly, the atmosphere became noisy, which made Toni’s family feel cheated.

They were unable to express their anger until they decided to pull Rina boru Nasution out of the church. It didn’t stop there, they took off the wedding ring he was wearing. “Scam him! Trick him!” “He said he was a widow, it turns out that she still has a husband, three legitimate children,” shouted a man on the HKBP Delitua page, quoted from

Rina boru Nasution who was treated like that did not accept it and cried. The Delitua Police immediately went to the location and carried out security. This incident immediately went viral after being posted on social media Facebook.

Rina boru Nasution’s former neighbor on Jalan Madura Bawah, Gang Jaspan, Bantan Village, Siantar Barat District has heard this news. This husband and wife couple lived on Jalan Madura Bawah, before Rina boru Nasution ran away.

The neighbors confirmed that Rina boru Nasution was indeed married to Eka Agustina. They admitted that they did not expect Rina boru Nasution to be able to do this. “We learned about this incident from Facebook.” “In fact, he is already married to her (Rina).”

“There are indeed three children, how can that be,” said two mothers when met by the Medan Tribune on Jalan Madura Bawah. Both revealed the figures of Rina boru Nasution and Eka Agustina. He said that Rina boru Nasution had lived on Jalan Madura Bawah, Gang Jaspan Siantar since childhood.

In fact, until he got married and had 3 children. However, 2 months before the incident, Rina boru Nasution ran away. Meanwhile, her husband took their 3 children to their parents’ house in Sibatu-batu, Pematangsiantar City. “Don’t live here anymore.” “I haven’t lived here in two months.”

“When Rina Boru Nasution ran away about two months ago, her husband immediately moved to his parents’ house,” he said. At that time, neighbors also revealed the figure of Eka Agustina.

He said that Eka Agustina was a construction worker who was known to have good behavior. Eka Agustina is also known as a man who is responsible for his children. “If her husband really works as a construction worker, it’s only good, even good times,” she said.


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