The Ministry of Religion said about the Viral Marriage of Different Religions in Semarang: They Married Christians

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The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) of the Central Java Regional Office opened its voice regarding the circulation of photos of interfaith weddings held at a church in Semarang City.

The Head of the Head of the Islamic Religious Affairs Division, Central Java’s Ministry of Religion, Zainal Fatah, said that interfaith marriages cannot occur in Indonesia. He emphasized that the recent viral wedding procession was not an interfaith marriage.

“Our marriage law does not include interfaith marriages. One has to submit to which one to choose. Regarding the (viral) issue, after clarification, the person concerned was married in a church and then registered in the civil registry.

If you marry in a church, it means that you are of the same religion, of the same religion. When he gets married in a church, he automatically has to submit to the religion of that church. It’s not a different religion, it’s one religion,” said Zainal to the coil, Tuesday (8/3).

He explained that the marriage contract procession carried out at interfaith marriages did not mean anything, including the viral interfaith couple.

“There has never been an interfaith marriage, because the law does not stipulate that, according to that provision, Islamic KUA, non-Muslims are in capil (civil registration). One has to choose, the Islamic way or the Catholic way, if it’s Islam, then all Muslims.

If you’re Catholic, you’re all Catholic. It turned out that his choice was to marry a Catholic at the Krapyak church and then it was registered in the civil registry instead of the KUA,” he explained.

Reflecting on this case, he asked the public to better understand the marriage law. He also asked the public to be wiser.

“Then for something that is not clear, tabayyun first, we don’t know what happened, even though one was dressed as a Muslim and the other dressed as a Christian.

But the reality is that they married Christians in the church and were registered in the civil registry,” said Zainal.

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