Viral, A Wife Allows Her Husband To Marry 3 Other Women, The Reason Makes The Public Stroking The Chest

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Not many wives allow their husbands to remarry or have polygamy in their households. But, it’s different with this woman, she actually gave the green light to her partner to remarry.

Not only marrying one or two wives, he even asked for 3 other wives for his husband. Launching World of Buzz, the 31-year-old Malaysian woman named Mimi wanted her husband to marry only for reasons that made the public astonished.

The husband, named Wari, has a job as a contractor. Her job requires her to frequently travel and rarely come home which makes her lonely.

In the aftermath of this, Mimi wants and needs friends so she asks Wari to remarry. Mimi also got what she wanted when the husband married the 2nd wife. Interestingly, the 2nd wife is actually Mimi’s own best friend.

Wari married his 4th wife in December 2021, which was also approved by the 3rd wife. “I don’t mind, as long as he can treat the four of us equally,” said the 3rd wife as quoted by World of Buzz.

Wari and Mimi have been married since 2014, followed by Rina, Anis and Tiha, who are 26 and 25 years old, respectively. All of Wari’s wives run different small scale businesses. The four of them both live in Kelantan, Malaysia, but live in different houses.

Reported by Sinchew, Mimi said treating them as friends and sisters, so that the sweetness of polygamous life can be felt.

Mimi’s marriage to Wali has produced a daughter who is now 7 years old, while Wali’s marriage to Lina is currently blessed with a 4 year old son.


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