What a shame! Again Singing Full of Feelings at the Celebration, This Woman Even Gets a Local Rain

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Social media is being flabbergasted by the unfortunate fate of a female singer. The reason was that the singer had already given her best performance on stage, which unfortunately ended with local rain.

One of the things that went viral was the Instagram account @memomedsos. The video shows a group of musicians and a female singer performing on stage. It seems this video was taken at a wedding agenda.

The homeband, which matched the black and white nuance, showed their best performance. The female singer chose to sing the song “Last Message” by soloist Lyodra Ginting with full appreciation.

At first there was nothing wrong with the appearance. The singer showed his best performance, while other personnel accompanied him no less slick. Until suddenly a large amount of water splashed down on the singer from above, soaking his whole body.

The singer didn’t have time to escape because of the sudden local rain. Citing the information in the @memomedsos caption, this local rain was apparently due to the leaking of the tent that houses the stage where they performed.

The roof of the tent turned out to be no longer strong enough to accommodate the rainwater on it, so it ended up overflowing as shown in the video. Unfortunately, the singer was right under the leaky roof of the tent, so he was the only one who was soaked.

“While singing, this woman was drenched in water due to a leaky tent,” said @memomedsos, reported by Suara.com on Wednesday (9/3/2022). “This happened because of the rain so the water was accommodated above the tent.”

This unexpected incident immediately drew widespread attention and of course received many comments from netizens. Although many felt sorry for the female singer, some netizens seemed to have laughed at the incident.

“I’m gone,” said the netizen, referring to the last lyric sung by the woman in the black hijab. “Really disappeared,” replied another netizen.

“Fortunately, the mic didn’t get electrocuted,” said the netizen.

“Even though singing is already living it,” said the netizen.

“Yes, you’re laughing, but poor lady,” commented the netizen.

“That’s the woi effect when he said ‘I’m going to disappear’ the water effect fell and he disappeared…. really epic right… It’s a shame it lacks training and coordination with the watering effects section,” joked another netizen.

“Njir got splashed by water from heaven,” said another.

source: sound.com

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