Accused of Steno Ricardo’s Cousin ‘Selling Himself’ Due to Hotman Paris Hugging Video, Mawar AFI Gives A Shocking Reply! That’s what he said!

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A singer who graduated from a talent search event, Mawar Dhimas alias Mawar AFI, was accused of selling herself by one of her ex-husband’s cousins, Steno Ricardo. The accusation of selling himself was indirectly revealed by Steno’s cousin after seeing the video of Mawar AFI being hugged by a famous lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea.

Some time ago, Hotman Paris had indeed uploaded his togetherness with Mawar AFI. In the short video, Hotman Paris seems to hug Mawar AFI and looks so familiar.

“Hello, Hotman Paris is having a good time with Mawar, who just got angry because her ex-husband had an affair with the baby sitter. Now Mawar is close to Hotman,” said Hotman Paris as quoted on Monday (14/3/20221).

The video was also commented on by allegedly one of Steno Ricardo’s cousins ​​with the account name @putty.intan.sari. In his comments, the account owner said that Mawar was willing to do this to get money.

“What do you mean for the money are you willing to do anything? Eeh how sik,” wrote the account. Not remaining silent, Mawar also gave a striking reply and emphasized that she had not sold herself like what had been alleged.

“This is part of the program promo, sis @putty_intan.sari. I’m not selling myself, my sister’s comment on Hotman’s account said, ‘For money, I’m willing to do anything, it looks like I’m selling myself,’ Mawar wrote.

Mawar also said that her ex-husband’s cousin did not make bad comments this time. In fact, Mawar admitted that her cousin knew her well enough as long as she was Steno’s wife.

Upset, Mawar also mentioned the attitude of Steno’s cousin who had never cared about his family. However, since she divorced with Steno, her cousin became the person who knew the most about the contents of Mawar’s household with Steno.

“Just wanted to ask, as long as I’m still a shorthand wife… have you ever cared about our family? It’s not, isn’t it, it’s a busy turn like I only know the contents of my household… Btw, I’m just following directions, DON’T SELL YOURSELF,” said Mawar.


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