Assets Brought by Dorce Gamalama’s adopted son, Confused Family Billed by the Late Debt, This Figure Revealed the Nominal: Not a Few

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In addition to inheritance, Dorce Gamalama apparently also left debt. After Dorce Gamalama died, the family admitted that they had been billed.

The family claimed to have been contacted by two parties regarding Dorce Gamalama’s debt. This was revealed by a family figure of Dorce Gamalama named Mimi.

Launching from, this was revealed in the Intense Investigation YouTube show, Wednesday (9/3/2022).

Mimi said that her party had transferred the matter to Dorce Gamalama’s adopted son.

This is because Dorce Gamalama’s assets have been transferred to his adopted children.

“Even from mama’s friends who contacted us, we said it was confirmed to the adopted child.”

“Anything related to mom, documents to assets are held by adopted children,” said Mimi.

Mimi herself admitted that her family did not intend to refuse to pay off Dorce Gamalama’s debt.

However, according to him, Dorce Gamalama’s debt is quite large.

“It’s not that we don’t want to pay off the debt, it’s just that the value is not small,” he said.

The debt collectors are known to have communicated with Dorce Gamalama’s adopted children.

According to information Mimi heard, some of Dorce Gamalama’s assets will be sold to cover the debt.

However, Mimi is not sure whether the assets have been sold or not.

“And the adopted son has no communication with us.”

“They said the adopted children had answered that there was a plan to sell assets,” concluded Mimi.

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