Disappointed child converts to Christianity, mother prays for God’s blessing and is the reason for being absent at Audi Marissa’s wedding?

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The truth of the news about the Audi Marissa changing religion has finally been revealed. Audi Marissa embraced Christianity following the beliefs of her husband Anthony Xie.

This was revealed through Anthony’s statement that he was grateful for having a wife of the same faith.

“Today I am very grateful to have God’s royal family through its mission because of God’s mission. My partner who used to have different beliefs today he can become a disciple of Jesus, and I can marry him as husband and wife,” said Anthony Xie.

The news seemed to have received a response from Jenar Marissa, the mother of Audi, who recently shared a lecture by Ustadz Handy Bonny.

The lecture discussed God as the person who best knows human beings.

“Who knows more about us? Allah, does Allah know what we need? Does Allah know what we want then? Does Allah know the problems in our lives?,” said Ustaz Handy Bonny on Instagram @_ijun.05_15.

Jenar also shared a video of Ustaz Handy Bonny about the choice of the best mate, God’s choice.

“The choice of a mate is a good choice according to Allah and the Apostle or our choice? Who knows better what is best for us? Why are the methods of Allah and the Apostle not used?,” he said.

Jenar then redistributed the ustaz’s lecture about God’s guidance to His people who were feeling disappointed.

“When you are being disappointed, it means that God is giving us guidance to then maintain our solitude with God,” he said.

Jenar also uploaded an excerpt from Instagram @teladan.rasul in his next upload..

“O Allah, make this heart happy for all Your provisions,” reads the post that was shared.

The news of Jenar’s feud with Audi Marissa had blown when the princess married Anthony Xie in 2020.

One of the causes of the feud was because his mother did not approve of Audi changing his religion and marrying Anthony.

In fact, Audi’s mother Marissa was also not present at Audi’s wedding to Anthony Xie.

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