His ex is threatened with imprisonment for 20 years, the figure of Doni Salmanan’s ex-wife appears until the past when she becomes a wife is exposed, what’s wrong?

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The name Doni Salmanan recently went viral and became the talk of many parties after dealing with the law. It didn’t stop there, now Doni Salmanan has been named a suspect by the police.

Not without reason, the figure of Doni Salmanan is in trouble with the law for a fraud case under the guise of trading. The determination of Doni Salmanan as a suspect was announced by the police on Tuesday (08/03).

The determination of Doni Salmanan as a suspect in this fraud case also affected those closest to him. Without exception, as experienced by Doni Salmanan’s ex-wife, Gigi Ru Wanita recently.

Namua Gigi Ruwati is now even involved in a legal case that ensnared her ex-husband. Even more surprising, Gigi is accused of being the one who taught Doni Salmanan trading for the first time.

He did not stop there, he also admitted that he had received curses from the ex-husband’s family. Gigi’s mother is also said to have been affected by a legal case that ensnared her former daughter-in-law.

Not wanting the problem to get longer, Doni Salmanan’s ex-wife finally spoke up. On one occasion, Gigi finally denied rumors that he taught trading to Doni Salmanan. Gigi Ruwati denied all the accusations leveled against her for the case that befell Doni Salmanan.

Gigi uploaded the rebuttal through her personal social media account. “That I taught him trading and other things is not true,” Gigi Ruwati wrote in her upload. Gigi admitted that she was married to Doni in 2019, but finally divorced in 2020.

In addition, Gigi revealed that her relationship with Doni Salmanan after the divorce was still quite good. Launching from Kompas.com, now the public is being surprised by several figures who are dubbed crazy rich.

After Indra Kenz was taken to the police station, another crazy rich figure followed in his footsteps. One of them is a figure dubbed the crazy rich Bandung, Doni Salmanan.

Doni Salmanan has been named a suspect in a fraud case under the guise of binary options trading through Quotex by the Directorate of Cybercrime, Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police.

He is suspected of having committed a crime of online gambling and/or spreading false news through electronic media and/or fraud, fraudulent acts and/or money laundering.

Source: figure.id

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