His wealth is in the spotlight, skipper 99 seems to have been involved in legal cases twice

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The figure of Gilang Widya Pramana aka Juragan 99 and his wife Shandy Purnamasari are currently in the spotlight regarding the origin of their wealth. All of this started from fraudulent investment cases to fraud committed by Crazy Rich Medan and Crazy Rich Bandung Indra Kenz and Doni Salmanan.

Many netizens have questioned the origin of the assets of the President of Arema FC and his wife, who has been dubbed Crazy Rich Malang. In fact, the sensational actress Nikita Mirzani questioned the origin of the wealth belonging to Juragan 99, whose real name is Gilang Widya Pramana.

Nikita Mirzani has doubts about the wealth of Juragan 99 and Shandy Purnamasari which only accumulated in 5 years. It was even reported that Arema FC President Gilang Widya Pramana was being targeted by the Criminal Investigation Department with his wife, Shandy Purnamasari.

Long before that, it turned out that skipper 99 and his wife had been dragged into legal cases twice. At that time skipper 99 was dragged into the legal case regarding cases of plagiarism of cosmetic product designs to fake factories.

Launching Surya.co.id, the Direskrimsus Polda Jatim (East Java) named three suspects in the case of plagiarism of cosmetic containers. The three suspects are well-known businessmen in East Java.

The three businessmen who are suspects, namely Shandy Purnamasari, a resident of the Green Wood Golf Indah Malang Complex, Gilang Widya Pramana, from the Green Word Golf Indah Malang Public Housing Complex, and Wiliam Junarta Santoso, a resident of West Kutisari Indah Surabaya Surabaya.

Wadirreskrimsus Polda East Java AKBP Arman Asmara Syarifuddin at that time confirmed the news. “We have examined all parties related to this case, there are already three suspects. We found quite a lot of evidence,” explained Arman.

He explained that his party had confiscated tens of thousands of evidence in the form of cosmetic containers, manufacturing machines, computers, and a number of other evidences related to this case. They were suspected of having plagiarized the design of the cosmetic container, but no arrests were made.

This is because the legal threat of this case is less than four years. Then on November 10, 2021, MS Glow was also caught in a fraudulent factory ownership case. The building that functions as a factory is considered to have violated the permit.

Unfortunately, this case was not followed up by the local police. This condition had made Pasuruan residents who are members of the Action Unity Alliance for Perda Transparency (Keranda) question the police’s commitment.

The news that the President of Arema FC was being targeted by the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police was known from an upload on Nikita Mirzani’s Instagram on Saturday (12/3/2022). Clearly, Nikita Mirzani uploaded a screenshot of a news report in which the headline read: Crazy Rich Malang Targeted by the Criminal Investigation Department.

“Just got out of quarantine, read the news this morning and it was quite horrendous. That Cazy Rich from Malang, this husband and wife will soon be called by the Criminal Investigation Department,” Nikita said on Instagram @nikitamirzanimawardi_172.

This is the aftermath of Nikita Mirzani’s suspicion of the source of his wealth which is considered unreasonable. Moreover, Indonesia is now being shocked by the cases of Crazy Rich Medan and Bandung, namely Indra Kenz and Doni Salaman who have been named suspects for fraudulent investments.

The president of Arema FC, who is also known as Juragan 99, and his wife often flaunt a luxurious lifestyle and the material of owning a private jet. The figures of skipper 99 and Shandy Purnamasari, nicknamed Crazy Rich Malang, are indeed figures who emerged as rich people in less than 5 years.

Many people believe that the wealth they both have is the result of their many successful businesses. However, according to Nikita Mirzani, he thinks that this is not reasonable. “Even though the business is running successfully until it’s rich, I feel it’s not natural,” said Nikita again.

Nikita also aggressively tried to reveal the total wealth of the husband and wife. For example, Juragan 99 and his wife own a private jet, the Cessna Citation Latitute, which requires an annual fee of IDR 13.5 billion.

“It means that you have to spend money every year for this kind of plane. This has not yet been cross-checked how much he and his business costs,” wrote Nikita.

“But the punten wants to ask, can anyone trace how much total wealth he has? If he spends more or less this year per year and it turns out that his total wealth is less than this, it’s to be expected. The real arrogance has been answered,” he continued.

Source: tribunnews.com

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