Mawar AFI admits that she can’t ‘serve’ Steno Ricardo when he was still husband and wife: it was my fault

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Mawar AFI has revealed the story of her divorce with Steno Ricardo again. Mawar revealed that her ex was a loving person.

But day by day, Steno’s attitude is changing. Mawar herself did not deny that Steno’s changes were also caused by her.

It turned out that since the beginning of last year, Mawar had started to stay away from Steno. He did this because there was a past trauma that was difficult to heal.

“Indeed, there have been a number of times when I personally had rejections, that as I said, there are past wounds that are difficult to treat. Rejection in terms of husband and wife,” said Mawar as quoted from the TRANS TV Official YouTube channel.

Mawar feels guilty for not being able to serve Steno’s desires. He also admitted that the rift in his household was also caused by him.

“Because if I’m honest, since January 2021 I can’t serve. I understand it was my fault, I can’t deny that.”

Unfortunately, Mawar is reluctant to reveal her trauma in the past any further.

Mawar officially divorced from Steno Ricardo. Shortly after the divorce, his ex-husband married Susi Latifah, the woman who had been his children’s babysitter.

The rumors of Steno having an affair with Susi were exposed by Mawar herself on social media. Steno and Susi’s marriage immediately flooded with criticism.

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