Raffi Ahmad to the point of bowing down and admitting a liar, Nagita Slavina’s husband’s cover was exposed after claiming to be the Sultan of this figure!

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It is no longer a secret, now Raffi Ahmad is dubbed the Sultan of Andara because of his wealth.

But when he met one of the wealthy businessmen, Jusuf Hamka seemed to make Raffi Ahmad not move until he admitted to being a liar.

During the meeting, Jusuf Hamka surprisingly made Raffi Ahmad thank him many times. Not without reason, the figure of Jusuf Hamka is highly respected by Raffi Ahmad because of his position and position.

The label as Sultan Andara is indeed attached to the figure of Raffi Ahmad because his wealth is said to be endless for seven generations.

But when he met the figure of Jusuf Hamka, Raffi Ahmad also admitted that he did not want to use the nickname Sultan Andara.

Even more surprising, the nickname of Sultan Andara aimed at him was admitted by Nagita Slavina’s husband was just a hoax.

Raffi Ahmad’s moment of fear was recorded in the artist’s meeting with Jusuf Hamka which was uploaded on the Rans Entertainment youtube channel some time ago.

On that occasion, Jusuf Hamka and his son were visited by Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. Having just met, Jusuf Hamka without further ado immediately referred to Raffi Ahmad as the Sultan.

“Sultan Andara, Sultan Andara!” said Jusuf while welcoming Raffi. “Do you know who I built this toll road for? For the Sultan of Andara,” said Jusuf, pointing to Raffi.

Hearing Jusuf Hamka’s flattery, Raffi Ahmad was embarrassed to admit that he was just a fake sultan. “This is the fake Sultan of Andara, this is the real Sultan of Andara,” said Raffi, pointing at Jusuf.

According to Suar.ID, Jusuf Hamka is the boss of the Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada toll road company.

Not kidding, even the figure of Jusuf Hamka is also recorded as building the Andara Toll Road which makes it easy to enter Raffi Ahmad’s house.

Not only Raffi Ahmad, on that occasion Nagita Slavina immediately thanked Jusuf Hamka.

Because, it has made it easier for him to have barrier-free access if he wants to return to Andara or even go out of the house.

“But thank you, sir,”

“Because there’s a sign written by Andara, so it’s like this, go straight in,” said Nagita Slavina.

“Thank you, sir,”

“Besides making access easier, land prices will definitely go up, sir,” he continued jokingly.

“In the past, sir, in 2010, I bought it here, when the car entered the alley, it crashed, sir,”

“Because, it only fits one,”

“Now Alhamdulillah, it’s really wide,” said Raffi Ahmad.

Nagita Slavina also agreed, she even complained to her husband because she bought a house with difficult road access.

“At that time, I was scolding him, sir,”

“Because from Simatupang, you turn here and there,”

“But luckily, now just stay straight,”

“The road is also big,” explained Nagita Slavina.

Jusuf Hamka said he was happy because what he was doing now could be useful for other people.

The man of Chinese descent added that he will soon start a new toll road project from Andara to Bogor.

“After this, we will continue with the second Jagorawi Toll Road,”

“So through Sawangan, Bojonggede continues to penetrate Bogor,” explained Jusuf Hamka.

“Wow, great sir!” said Raffi Ahmad.

On that occasion, Raffi was shocked when he was told the cost of the toll road construction by Jusuf Hamka.

Jusuf said, the cost for every 1 km of toll roads that are flat (landed) reaches Rp 500 to 700 billion.

Meanwhile, the increase (elevated), reached Rp. 1.6 trillion per 1 km. “Widih.., 1 km sir!?”

“Oh dear, how are you dear?” Surprised Raffi who immediately fell on Gigi’s body.

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