7 Facts about Aunt Lala, Viral because of the Quick Videos on TikTok

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aunt lala facts

Starting from her video teaching her child to recite Pancasila, now Tante Lala has become a viral content creator for TikTok. ImageThe fact that Aunt Lala likes to be gassy on social media is certainly different from the fact that Aunt Lala is in real life. His loud voice with a distinctive Manado accent is very familiar to the ears of the video connoisseurs.

Uniquely, even though he likes to gas, the owner of the TikTok account @tantelalapunyacepat actually has up to 3.6 million followers. Later, he was also invited in several TV programs as a guest star.

What does he look like, anyway? Check out the following facts about Aunt Lala.

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7 Facts about Aunt Lala, it turns out that she is younger than her appearance

1. Viral When Teaching His Children Pancasila

Source: TikTok

Aunt Lala first went viral in 2019. At that time her video teaching her son went viral on TikTok. The child seemed to have difficulty memorizing the first precepts of Pancasila.

Rafa always mentions “Which God is One” even though his mother has repeatedly confirmed “Belief in One God”. The funny moment also stole the attention of netizens.

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2. Only Aunt Lala who is angry is even paid

After going viral, he immediately got an offer endorsement. He also promotes various products with his trademark hot style.

One time he was promoting a product skincare. He promoted while angry because the product was not accompanied by clear product instructions. Not lonely endorseInstead, he was flooded with product offers that asked to be promoted.

3. The fact that Aunt Lala is still very young

aunt lala facts

Source: YouTube TS Media

Often called Aunt, the owner of the name Nurlela Yusuf is only 26 years old. He was born on June 10, 1995, in a few months he will be 27 years old.

“I was born in 1995,” said Aunt Lala when she was a guest on the TS Media YouTube Channel.

4. Married at 16 years old

At the present age, the 26-year-old woman already has an elementary school-age child. Apparently, he first married at the age of 16, but the household did not continue. Now Lala has remarried to a man who is three years younger than her, the man named Alfian.

5. Is Pregnant with Second Child

aunt lala facts

Source: YouTube TS Media

Aunt Lala’s first child is named Rafathar or commonly called Rafa. Aunt Lala is currently pregnant with her second child. She is now 7 months pregnant.

Even though he is in two bodies, he is still active and energetic in every video.

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6. Facts about Auntie Lala’s original profession as a singer and comedian

Before becoming pregnant with her second child, Aunt Lala was active as a singer on stage. He also often gets job gig outside the city in Sulawesi. In addition, when filling the show he is also known as a comedian.

“Singers and comedians, regional comedians. Time at the celebration can be alone or collabs the same two people,” he said again.

Because she is currently pregnant, she has not been able to accept the offer to perform again.

7. More Hits Invited by Various TV Programs

7 Facts about Aunt Lala, a Viral Figure who likes to be angry on TikTok

Source: Instagram/@tantelalapunyacepat

Now Aunt Lala is now spreading her wings to the small screen. Various TV programs flocked to invite him to be a guest star. In addition, many artists are competing collabs with him on their YouTube channel.

Those are various facts about Aunt Lala which are currently getting better hits on television. It is possible that this woman from Manado could become the capital’s artist. Who, here, likes to watch the videos?

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