NTT Residents Ask for Internet Support for Tourism Promotion

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Residents of Degalea Village in Nangaroro District, Nagekeo Regency, NTT asked for internet network support to promote spiritual tourism potential in the local area.

‚ÄúThere are traces of Portuguese heritage in Lena since 1576 which has become one of the icons of spiritual tourism. We need internet network support so that the promotion can continue,” said village community leader Degalea Didakus Meo when contacted by ANTARA from Labuan Bajo, Sunday.

According to him, the village government has difficulty promoting tourism potential and other potentials because of the difficulty of accessing the internet network. Whereas the need for the internet is very high to support all access to information to the public.

According to him, historical records provide evidence that Portuguese Missionaries from the Dominican Monastery came to Indonesia in 1513 in Malacca. Later, the Missionaries established a church on Lena hill (Degalea) around the 1960’s.

From the church, the missionaries began to worship in the Nagekeo area to the Ngada area. Therefore, an internet network is needed to promote this spiritual pilgrimage; that Lena has kept traces of the spread of Catholicism on the mainland of Flores.

The same thing was conveyed by the Head of Degalea Village, Adrianus Pati. He said the presence of the internet can attract tourists to visit. Thus, there is a turnaround in the community’s economy as a result of tourist visits.

Adrianus explained that traces of Portuguese heritage still exist in Lena, such as some parish chairs and altars. To support the spiritual tourism that has been formed, they also build caves and several lopo (shade places) to relax and have fun.

This spiritual tourism location is at the top of Degalea Village which can be seen from the direction of Nangaroro, Ende as well as from the Ndora and Kotaeo areas. The distance to tourist sites is about 800 meters from the main road with beautiful views and cool air.

He hopes that the government can realize the potential of the region by providing an adequate internet network for increased promotion.

In addition, road access from Woewutu Village to Degalea must also be considered so that tourists from Ende can reach Lena faster.

“If there is an internet network there must be promotions, there will be tourist visits and economic turnover here,” concluded Adrianus.

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