Hallmark Channel’s Newest Movie, ‘Love, Classified’, Explores Gender & Love Fluidity

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Hallmark Channel is bringing more inclusivity to the network with their brand new movie, Love, Classified.

The newest flick, which stars Melora Hardin, Arienne Mandi, Katherine McNamara, and Max Lloyd-Jones, explores a new theme for the channel – love and gender fluidity.

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A few years ago, the network was called out for not featuring more inclusive love stories in their lineup and it looks like they are making strides to bring more of those to the screen – and one of them is in Love, Classified.

Melora told MediaVillage in a new interview that the story between Taylor and Franki was one of the main reasons she said yes to it.

“That’s what drew me to it,” she explained. “The fact they’re taking those steps to get with current thinking, modernize themselves and expand. I’m all for expansion and including everything and everybody! I’m constantly doing that personally and creatively. It just felt right. I do think it’s going to be a momentous film for them — a turning point.”

Katherine, who plays Taylor, also opened up to TV Insider about the storyline.

“Very much in the way that Schitt’s Creek did the whole ‘love the wine, not the label’ situation, which I love, this movie does something very similar. It just allows these characters to be surprised by love,” she says. “The fact that Taylor is willing to take the leap of faith and be open to what this connection could be turns out to be a huge gift.”

Love, Classified will premiere TONIGHT, Saturday, April 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.


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