10 Portraits of Bimo Aryo’s House the ‘False Clove’, Dog Bedroom Like a Star Hotel! | 1NEWS

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Dream – The name Bimo Aryo is familiar to some Indonesians. Later he became known for the practice of ‘Abal-Abal Kretek’ which was uploaded on his YouTube, Beemz Aryo.

In some of the content he uploads, Bima shows actions resembling chiropractic. In fact, he has done ‘fake kretek’ to a number of well-known artists, you know! Call it Verrell Bramasta, Ayu Ting Ting, and even Atta Halilintar.

Since then, the name of the presenter of my trip my adventure has been increasingly recognized and in the spotlight. Including his super luxurious residence. There, he kept a lot of dogs, you know! Curious about what Bimo Aryo’s residence looks like? Check out the photo below!

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