10 Recommended Korean Dramas for May 2021, Worth Waiting for!

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10 Recommendations for Korean Dramas in 2021, You Can Still Enjoy!

For Parents Drama lovers, have you been looking for a new show to accompany the day in the fifth month of this year yet? If you’re still confused, don’t worry. The reason is, there are many interesting Korean dramas that will air in 2021.

The genres presented by the series that will be released are also diverse, you know. There are romantic stories to fantasy stories. For more details, let’s just take a look at the recommendations for Korean dramas that are ready to air in May as follows!

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Recommendations for the Latest Korean Dramas to Air in May 2021

1. Bossam: Stealing Fate

Is a Korean drama about the kingdom or Saeguk which aired in early May. This series stars well-known celebrities such as Jung Il Woo, SNSD’s Kwon Yuri, and Shin Hyun Soo.

Tells the story of a man named Ba Wo who likes to gamble and kidnaps widows to make ends meet. One day, he accidentally kidnaps a royal princess named Soo Kyung.

2. Youth of May

korean drama may 2021

A romantic drama that is becoming one of the audience’s favorite Korean dramas in 2021. Played by Lee Do Hyun and Go Min Si, this series takes the background of South Korea in the 80s. Just in time for the Gwangju rebellion.

Even so, “Youth of May” tells the love story between the two main characters in this time of crisis.

3. Imitation

10 Recommendations for Korean Dramas in 2021, You Can Still Enjoy!

parents, Being an idol in the K-Pop music industry is not easy. Aspiring idols have to train hard to become a star.

Well, if you’re curious about how idols struggle in the entertainment world, then “Imitation” can be the right spectacle. This series tells the story of two idol groups who struggle to debut and achieve success.

4. Mine

korean drama may 2021

If you like the series “The Penthouse”, then this Korean drama is worth watching.

This series tells the story of two rich women from different backgrounds, but have the same ambition. They are Seo Hae Soo and Jung Seo Hyun.

Hae Soo is a former actress who married a conglomerate, but her presence is not accepted by others, including her husband’s family. Meanwhile, Seo Hyun is a cold woman who also has a husband from a rich family.

5. Doom at Your Service

10 Recommendations for Korean Dramas in 2021, You Can Still Enjoy!

Having a fantasy romance genre, the series “Doom at Your Service” tells the love story between a web novel editor, Dong Kyeong, and a person named Myul Meong. It is known, Myul Meong is someone who can destroy anything he touches.

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6. Racket Boys

10 Recommendations for Korean Dramas in 2021, You Can Still Enjoy!

In line with the title, “Racket Boys” tells about the struggle of sixteen teenagers who want to become badminton players at the national level. They come from many different backgrounds.

7. Here’s My Plan

korean drama may 2021

It is a mini series that has a total of 4 episodes only. Aired on MBC channel, this is a Korean drama slice of life. Tells about the life of a woman named Lee So Hyun who is messy and holds a grudge against several people who hurt her.

8. Move to Heaven

korean drama may 2021

It is a Korean drama that will air in May 2021 on the Netflix channel. Tells the adventures of a pair of trauma cleaners, namely Geu Roo (Tang Joon Sang) and his uncle, Jo Sang Koo (Lee Je Hoon).

Geu Roo is assisted by his uncle in charge of processing and taking care of worldly goods belonging to people who have died.

9. My Roomate is Gumiho

10 Recommendations for Korean Dramas in 2021, You Can Still Enjoy!

Another fantasy Korean drama that aired in May. “My Roomate is Gumiho” tells the story of a 999-year-old male gumiho (nine-tailed fox), named Shin Woo. He was forced to live side by side with a human named Lee Dam for some reason.

10. Crazy Person in the Area

korean drama may 2021

Is a Korean drama about a detective starring actor Jung Woo and multi-talented artist Oh Yeon Seo. There is no definite date yet when the series will be released, but “Crazy Person in the Area” is said to be ready to air this May.

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So, from that list, which series do you want? Parents watch?


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