51st Birthday, Dedi Mulyadi Takes Time to Visit His Parents’ Graves

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1NEWS, The former regent of Purwakarta who also serves as Deputy Chairman of Commission IV DPR Dedi Mulyadi, has his 51st birthday. On his birthday, Kang Dedi, his familiar greeting, gathered with his family, his wife Anne Ratna Mustika and their children gathered to celebrate Dedi’s birthday.

In an upload on his social media account, Dedi Mulyadi seemed to invite his youngest daughter to make a pilgrimage to the grave of his grandparents who were none other than Dedi Mulyadi’s biological parents.

Dedi Mulyadi alluded to the role of the mother who gave birth to and cared for him with great love, and was educated with simplicity to set an example.

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“My son, Nyi Hyang Sukma Ayu, your father was born on April 11, 1971 to a mother who did not know numbers and letters. His whole body and soul are devoted to the glory of his 9 children,” said Dedi Mulyadi.

“Thank you Emi, the father who gave birth to and raised me,” continued Dedi.

Birthday wishes also flowed through Dedi Mulyadi’s YouTube account, some of whom also prayed for the good of Dedi Mulyadi and his family.

“Happy birthday, Dedi Mulyadi, I wish you a long and healthy life,” wrote Epy Rachmat.

“Still be our inspiration and hopefully Kang Dedi and his family are always in the protection of Allah SWT,” he continued. (Dodi).[]


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