6 K-Pop Idols Called Rich Only Children Who Are Not The Only Ones in the Group

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korean idols (instagram)

BLACKPINK’s Jennie to NCT’s Jaemin turned out to be the only child from a rich family, you know!

Ade Wismoyo

Sunday, April 17, 2022 | 13:30 WIB

1NEWS – The K-Pop wave has entered Indonesia for a long time. Various intricacies about the life of K-Pop idols have always been an interesting discussion for fans. However, unlike the Indonesian entertainment world, it is quite difficult to know the family background of a K-Pop idol.

The fact that a K-Pop idol is the only child or only child is well known. On the other hand, their parents’ occupations are mostly not disclosed openly.

The following series of K-Pop idols are dubbed the only rich children, who are they? Check out the reviews that have been prepared by the editors of 1NEWS below,


K-Pop idols who are dubbed rich only children (Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is known as the only rich child because her parents’ jobs are busy talking about. Jennie’s mother is reportedly a shareholder who has a major stake in entertainment company CJ E&M. Meanwhile, Jennie’s father is reportedly the director of a hospital in the Gangnam district in Seoul.

The fact that BLACKPINK’s Jennie was born in Cheongdam-dong, one of the elite areas in South Korea, has become strong evidence that she was born into a wealthy family. Jennie also studied at ACG Parnell College, New Zealand during junior high school at a cost of around IDR 250 million per year. Kai EXO’s former lover has also been practicing horseback riding since childhood.


korean idols (instagram)
K-Pop idols who are dubbed rich only children (Instagram/@lalalalisa_m)

Apart from Jenny. BLACKPINK’s Lisa is also the only child who grew up in a wealthy family. Lisa’s continued father is 62-year-old Swiss Masterchef, Marco Bruschweiler. Although not by blood, Lisa is very close to her father who has cared for her since childhood. Lisa also often talks about her father when she is with other BLACKPINK members, even bringing her cooking results.

3. Key SHINee

korean idols (instagram)
K-Pop idols who are dubbed rich only children (Instagram/@bumkeyk)

In a talk show, SHINee’s Key, who is an only child, revealed his parents’ work. Key’s father apparently worked at a stock brokerage firm and his mother was a nurse. Although the family’s economic condition was not good, now Key and his family live in wealth. Key has also studied languages ​​and participated in student exchanges abroad during school.

4. Onew SHINee

korean idols (instagram)
K-Pop idols who are dubbed rich only children (Instagram/@dlstmxkakwldrl)

The only child in another SHINee group is Onew. Onew’s family is said to be the owner of a chain of meat shops in Korea. Onew also studied at the SM Academy where the monthly tuition fee reached Rp500 million.

There are also rumors that Onew’s grandfather is a famous pianist. Onew’s father is also rumored to have worked in the government, then resigned to start a business. However, this rumor has not been confirmed.

5. NCT’s Jaehyun

korean idols (instagram)
K-Pop idols who are dubbed rich only children (Instagram/@_jeongjaehyun)

Being born rich doesn’t make Jaehyun NCT lazy. Jaehyun, who is an only child, always tries hard to achieve his dream of becoming a famous idol. Jaehyun’s mother is reportedly a professor, while his grandmother is known as an artist with a background in Korean modern dance.

Reportedly Jaehyun’s father is a doctor. The fact that Jaehyun has lived in Los Angeles, United States for 4 years and his residence in Gangnam District 8, which is an elite area in Seoul, makes him a wealthy only child.

6. NCT’s Jaemin

korean idols (instagram)
K-Pop idols who are dubbed rich only children (Instagram/@na.jaemin0813)

Jaemin is also called the only rich child in the NCT group. There is not much information about his family other than his mother who is a teacher. However, the various habits that Jaemin told made him believed to grow up in a rich family.

NCT’s Jaemin admitted that the first gift his parents gave him was a car. Jaemin also once spent Rp11 million from his mother’s card to play games, but he was not punished. The “Glitch Mode” singer is also usually on vacation by riding a jet ski or yacht (yacht). Wow, right?!

Those are some K-Pop idols who were born as only children from wealthy families. Do you have an idol?

Contributor: Neressa Prahastiwi


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