7 Boss Ideas To Put A Little On The Front. Can make the illusion of a slimmer stomach lo~

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Fashion inspiration can come from anywhere, including from social media pages. One of platform which is a storehouse of ideas to mix and match your clothes is Instagram. Well, for those who have a big bellythere are some tricks from Instagram that can be applied to get around it to look slimmer.

One trick to look slim with outfit you are with wearing a top that is slightly tucked into the bottom like a skirt or pants, while the rest is left out naturally like the fashion style of the celebrity @jeanwang from Boston. Simple and elegant, you can really copy the idea of ​​matching clothes!

1. Says who used sweater the front can not be tucked forward? Pair it with a lacy camis for maximum beautiful results

Uwuwuw via www.instagram.com

2. Blend sweatshirt neutral color with light denim pants. Put a little in the front of the shirt for impression chic natural

Nice right? via www.instagram.com

3. Clothes with a v-neck collar will support your appearance to look slimmer. Also put the front of the shirt in front of the pants you’re wearing belt chocolate like this

Very elegant! via www.instagram.com

4. A plain gray t-shirt with a v-neck can actually give an extra cool impression with the accent inserting the front into the pants

Beautiful, right? via www.instagram.com

5. You don’t have to tuck the shirt into your pants, you can also alternate it by tying the ends of your shirt with simple stripes for the same impression.

You can also trick this~ via www.instagram.com

6. Give your look a feminine touch by combining a pink t-shirt with a light white pleated skirt. Put a little shirt on the front of the skirt, for the perfect slim impression

Tsakep~ via www.instagram.com

7. On a cold day, mix it up sweater with pants skinny jeans gray like this. Tuck the front of the shirt inside jeans-you yes!

Simple via www.instagram.com

So that the distended stomach doesn’t look more real, choose clothes with fabrics that fall and are not too tight. Undoubtedly, your stomach will look slimmer and fat can be ‘hidden’. Haha!


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