After the departure of Mokhamad Syaifuddin, Class of 2017 Persebaya Now Only 2 Players | 1NEWS

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The departure of Mokhamad Syaifuddin from Persebaya Surabaya is certainly a sadness in the eyes of all the dolls. The reason is, Syaifuddin is part of the Class of 2017 or the inaugural batch after Persebaya was reinstated by PSSI.

Mokhamad Syaifudin is the 14th player to leave Persebaya ahead of Liga 1 next season.

However, his departure was quite emotional compared to several other players released previously by management.

This is because Syaifuddin was part of the Class of 2017 or became the first batch when Persebaya returned to official competition under PSSI after experiencing dualism.

At that time, Persebaya’s journey after returning to the lap of PSSI started from the 2017 Liga 2 season.

In that season, Persebaya managed to win League 2 and Syaifuddin became a mainstay player on the back line.

He can occupy the position of center back or right back in the starting eleven.

Syaifuddin’s career journey was then very promising with the club from Surabaya.

Coaches took turns, but Syaifudin continued to be Persebaya’s mainstay at the back.

In fact, Syaifuddin always faced new competitors in the back line with sharper caliber than him.

Call it Hansamu Yama and Otavio Dutra, who are two top-level players in the Indonesian League.

The loyalty of the Surabaya native made him express his intention to retire at Persebaya in early 2019.

However, all that changed when he had to compete with younger players such as Rizky Ridho, Koko Ari, Arif Satria, to Alie Sesay at center back and right back.

The first two names had penetrated the senior national team even though Koko Ari had to be sidelined long after being injured at the Indonesian national team TC in 2021.

Meanwhile, Alie Sesay and Arif Satria proved themselves to be solid players in the Persebaya back line in Liga 1 for the 2021-2022 season.

This condition made Syaifuddin rarely get playing minutes and only appeared in three full games in Liga 1 last season.

However, no matter what, Syaifuddin has proven himself to be one of the most loyal players since Persebaya returned to the Indonesian football competition.

Now, only two players have remained at Persebaya since the 2017 Liga 2 season, namely Rendi Irwan and Oktavianus Fernando.

The two names have the potential to migrate from Persebaya after they became the target of many clubs.

Recently, the coach of Deltras Sidoarjo, Ibnu Grahan, openly wants to recruit Rendi Irwan to navigate Liga 2 next season.

“Rendi Irwan, we will talk as it is. Rendi is a native son of Sidoarjo, I will definitely invite you to communicate and hopefully he will be interested in Deltras,” said Ibnu Grahan, quoted from on Wednesday (13/4/2022).

While Oktavianus Fernando is reportedly not going to extend his contract with Persebaya.


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