Beautiful! Marshanda’s Appearance in Hijab at Her Sister’s Study | 1NEWS

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Marshanda look!

In her Instagram account, Marshanda looks beautiful and makes her smile when she wears a veil. Marshanda wore a headscarf because she had to attend her sister’s recitation event.

Marshanda is seen appearing in nude clothes, along with her veil, which makes her look beautiful.

Marshanda appears in a hijab with her daughter© Marshanda wearing a hijab with her daughter

Photo: @marshanda99

Not alone, Marshanda is also a twin with her only daughter, Sienna Ameerah Kasyafani, who has grown up, Sienna is getting more beautiful like her mother.

The choice of nude color as her outfit was actually in accordance with the Marshanda family’s dress code at the pre-wedding recitation of her sister, Alyssa.

How does Dream’s friend Marshanda look?

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