Before being divorced by Puput, Doddy Sudrajat reminded this important thing

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1NEWS – A dozen years living alone without a wife, Doddy Sudrajat married Puput in 2016 and has a daughter named Aisyah. Six years later, Doddy and Puput’s marriage ended at the court. The two were divorced verstek by the Central Jakarta Religious Court.

Vanessa Angel’s late father never approved of a divorce. From the beginning Puput expressed his desire to register for a divorce, Doddy was determined to defend it.

“It’s not really giving up, but Daddy’s still holding on. At the end he wanted to sue, Daddy said, ‘Think twice. Poor kids.’ Thank God, no one in Daddy’s family background is married and divorced. Daddy’s family is really a family that gets married once in a lifetime,” said Doddy as quoted from Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel, Sunday (17/4).

“So I didn’t give up. Daddy said to Puput, ‘Think about it twice because if we get a divorce, I’m sorry for the children. The victims are children. You’ve also failed in previous marriages. You see how your children are. ‘,” Doddy continued.

Puput did not budge. Her intention to file for divorce from the man who married her six years ago was unanimous. One of the reasons for the lawsuit was that Doddy gave a poor living during the marriage. Get tired.

“He’s still suing Daddy for divorce, sticking to his stance, sticking to his decision. Well, Daddy can’t do anything. ‘Daddy supports you if you want a divorce. But divorce isn’t the end of everything. We still have children. Hopefully Aisyah won’t lack love ‘,” explained Doddy.

The form of his determination to maintain the household, Doddy admitted that he had never been present at a divorce trial. Until finally the panel of judges decided verstek.

“From the bottom of my heart, her name is wife, especially after giving birth to a child, Daddy still loves and cares for (Puput). But since Mbak Puput doesn’t love her anymore, why continue on, right? It’s one sided,” concluded the man with glasses.

Doddy and Puput married in 2016. When they got married, they were both widowed and widowed. Doddy is a widower with 2 children, Puput is a widow with 3 children. Puput’s two children from a previous marriage were raised by her ex-husband. Meanwhile Chika joined Puput.


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