Body Still Weak Even After Sahur? Don’t underestimate these 2 things

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1NEWS – Apparently there is a habit that is often done when breaking the fast which causes the body to feel weak and powerless during the day.

Some of them such as lack of water consumption and too much sugar. Below are 3 mistakes to avoid when fasting, as reported by Emirates woman.

1. Too much sugar, sour and spicy

Fasting can increase stomach acid, as well as cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach. This experience can be avoided by eating fiber-rich foods, such as fresh fruit.

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It is also important to avoid fried foods, very spicy, salty, and high-sugar foods.

Sugar can cause health problems such as indigestion, heartburn, and weight problems and should not be a part of your diet, especially on an empty stomach.

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Too much salty food makes the body retain water and causes bloating, while spicy food also causes thirst.

Candy and sweets are flammable and will only last for three to four hours. It will then turn into fat, increase cholesterol levels and make you gain weight.

2. Less Drinking Water at Suhoor and Open Time

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Drinks with a high caffeine content (coffee, tea, chocolate, soda and even decaffeinated tea and coffee) should be avoided.


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