Compare ITZY’s “Next Level” and “Dalla Dalla”, This is the Most Successful According to Korean Netizens | Kpop Chart

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Korean netizens recently compared the success of the two songs girl group K-Pop is popular in South Korea.

The two songs are AESPA’s “Next Level” from SM Entertainment and ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla” from JYP Entertainment.

Through the Pann site, Korean netizens held a survey and asked other netizens to give their votes to determine which song was the most successful between “Next Level” and “Dalla Dalla”.

As a result, when this article was written the song “Next Level” got a total of 1812 votes, beating the song “Dalla Dalla” which only got 273 votes.

“Next Level” and “Dalla Dalla” voting results (

Korean netizens then gave their comments regarding the two songs:

“To be honest it must be ‘Next Level’, hahaha. ‘Next Level’ even became the theme song for the presidential election results,”

“’Next Level’ is a song in the Corona era right? I feel like the song is getting a bigger success.”

“Isn’t that ‘Next Level’?”

“’Dalla Dalla’ can’t even be compared to ‘Next Level’. I think ‘Next Level’ was the most successful song among K-Pop idols last year.”

“’Next Level’ is one of those songs girl group The most influential K-Pop in history,” and many other similar comments.

Do you agree with the comments of Korean netizens above? (1NEWS)

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