Ernest Prakasa Surprised Wirda Mansur Dreams Of Buying 100 Private Jets: Perfect Friends With Aldi Taher

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Wirda Mansur's dream (Twitter)

Ernest Prakasa responds to 24 lists of the iconic Wirda Mansur dreams.

Ade Wismoyo | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Sunday, April 17, 2022 | 17:32 WIB

1NEWS – Comedian Ernest Prakasa also enlivened the hot conversation about Wirda Mansur along with uploading photos containing a list of 24 of his dreams.

In the upload shared by Ernest Prakasa, a netizen tried to dissect Wirda Mansur’s dreams using SMART analysis theory.

As is known, the name Wirda Mansur was widely discussed after the PayTren polemic and the video of Ustadz Yusuf Mansur getting angry.

Wirda Mansur’s dream (Twitter)

Based on the netizen’s analysis, some of Wirda Mansur’s dreams are too complicated to be realized.

“My concert is not in the dream of heights, but mostly,” wrote the Twitter account @jonathanend.

In addition, the netizen considered that some of Wirda Mansur’s dreams collided with each other of interest and relevance.

“Wholesale Lamborghini and Ferrari, in my opinion, this is irrelevant and does not support other goals in the fields of religion, education, or business,” he continued.

Therefore, the netizen suggested that Wirda Mansur reduce the list of his iconic dreams.

“Reduce the number of goals from 24 to 4 to be more focused on achieving in 10 years, eliminating irrelevant dreams,” he concluded.

Regarding that, Ernest Prakasa only expressed his surprised expression with the following short comment.

“Oh my God,” wrote Ernest Prakasa judging by the Twitter account @ernestprakasa.

Meanwhile, Ernest Prakasa’s upload got mixed attention from several netizens.

“100 billion a day? The total assets and wealth can make a country lite,” wrote one netizen, “Even big dreams need an extraordinary process,” another netizen said, “It’s good to be friends with Aldi Taher and Giring,” another netizen said.


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