Galih Ginanjar Regrets Divorcing Fairuz A Rafiq | 1NEWS

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Galih Ginanjar wants to meet his son, this is what Fairuz A Rafiq said

Dream – Fairuz A Rafiq admitted that he never forbade his ex-husband, Galih Ginanjar, to meet their son, King Faaz.

“I never forbid anyone to meet,” said Fairuz A Rafiq quoted from YouTube Cumicumi, Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

Fairuz admitted that he had repeatedly said that he had never prohibited his son from meeting his father. So that he felt no need to discuss the issue many times.

“I don’t forbid it, but it would be wonderful if we as good parents let the children grow and develop normally. As I said, I never forbade Faaz to meet anyone,” he added.

Fairuz with Faaz and Sonny© Fairuz with Faaz and Sonny

Fairuz admits that he always instills kindness in his son. She and her husband, Sonny Septian, taught Faaz to always be kind to others and not to repay other people’s crimes but to pray for them.

“Moreover, my husband and I teach something good and instill it for Faaz to remain good people even though there are people who harm us, some don’t like us. We don’t need to reply to bad gals. It’s people who might hurt us, evil as we are prayed for,” he said.

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