Galih Ginanjar Regrets Divorcing Fairuz A Rafiq, Tiara Andini Receives Condemnation

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Galih Ginanjar.  (Instagram/@galihginanjar)

Galih Ginajar admits that he regrets having divorced Fairuz A Rafiq. Tiara Andini was criticized for calling a crocodile by the name Raffi Ahmad.

Ade Wismoyo

Sunday, April 17, 2022 | 20:00 WIB

1NEWS – Actor Galih Ginanjar expressed his regrets after his divorce from Fairuz A Rafiq. He admitted that if he could go back in time, he would do anything to keep his household intact.

Singer Tiara Andini cracked a joke while she was with her boyfriend Alshad Ahmad. Tiara called a crocodile by the name Raffi Ahmad until it was protested by some netizens.

Ria Ricis’s behavior when she visited Tasya Farasya’s residence got the spotlight. Teuku Ryan’s wife seemed to be looking for unused items at Tasya’s house and asked for it.

The news above includes the top 5 most popular 1NEWS news on Sunday (17/04/2022).

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1. Galih Ginanjar Regrets Divorcing Fairuz A Rafiq: Whatever Happens, I Will Have To Hold On

Galih Ginanjar. (Instagram/@galihginanjar)

Actor Galih Ginanjar has reappeared before the public and conveyed his feelings regarding his divorce with Fairuz A Rafiq which took place many years ago.

In a video uploaded to the Instagram account @lambegosiip, Galih Ginanjar appears to be chatting with Indra Bekti.

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2. Viral Tiara Andini Calls Crocodile using Raffi Ahmad Tuai’s name Criticism: Disrespectful!

Portrait of Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad (Instagram/@tiaraandini)
Portrait of Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad (Instagram/@tiaraandini)

After being accused of being arrogant when asked for a photo by a fan, Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad returned to the public spotlight.

Through video uploads circulating, Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad are known to have visited a crocodile breeding place.

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3. Ria Ricis’s Behavior Playing at Tasya Farasya’s House, Hunting Used Goods: This is Robbing Mah

Ria Ricis's Behavior When Pregnant (instagram/@riaricis1795)
Ria Ricis’s Behavior When Pregnant (instagram/@riaricis1795)

Ria Ricis recently visited Tasya Farasya’s residence and toured the luxury home of the beauty influencer. On that occasion, Ria Ricis seemed to be looking for things that Tasya didn’t use so she could take them home.

The hilarious action of Teuku Ryan’s wife was actually served by Tasya Farasya. Tasyi Athasyia’s twin sister even offered her things at her house for Ria Ricis to take.

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4. Amazing ARMY Asks Luna Maya to Take Photos at the BTS Concert: Even though she’s an artist

Portrait of Indonesian celeb watching KPop concert (Instagram/@lunamaya)
Portrait of Indonesian celeb watching KPop concert (Instagram/@lunamaya)

Amazing photo compilation featuring Luna Maya attending the BTS ‘Permission to Dance’ concert in Las Vegas, United States.

The compilation of photos circulating is not arbitrary because Luna Maya was asked for help to immortalize the two ARMYs at the BTS concert.

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5. Uus Calls Lucinta Luna’s New Face More Beautiful: Many Are Cheated For Sure

Lucinta Luna ( Ariska)
Lucinta Luna (1NEWS/Evi Ariska)

Comedian Rizky Firdaus Wijaksana alias Uus commented on Lucinta Luna’s new appearance after undergoing plastic surgery.

Uus admired Lucinta Luna’s new face, which was getting more beautiful and her body more and more like a woman.

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