Gareth Bale’s Moment Losing Marc Bartra in the Copa del Rey Final, Remember?

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“Gareth Bale runs super fast, faster than the chicken thief being chased by the crowd. Check out the video!”

1NEWS – There is no doubting Gareth Bale is a winger who has an above average running speed. Although now rarely played, the Welsh footballer was once a figure who was adored by Real Madrid supporters. Moments during the 2013/2014 Copa del Rey final for example!

Carlo Ancelotti seems to be releasing Bale as a free agent in the summer. That’s because the development of the former Tottenham Hotspur player has been unsatisfactory this season.

But, all football fans know how Bale contributed throughout his career with Los Blancos. He has made sweet memories since his debut season. Various championship titles were presented. In fact, some of them were thanks to Bale’s goals or assists.

An example occurred on April 16 2014. At that time, Bale scored one of the biggest cup final goals in history. At Valencia’s Estadio Mestalla, the Welshman humiliated Barcelona defender Marc Bartra before scoring the winner in the Copa del Rey final.

On that day, Bale put out his incredible running speed to get past Bartra. He looked like he was in a running race. He goes off the line to take a start before re-entering the defense and chasing the ball. Bartra, who ran first, was unable to match Bale’s speed.

The entire audience who watched in the stadium cheered with Bale’s stunning sprint action. Indeed it was one of the most historic moments for Bale in El Clasico.

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For Bartra, it was a very embarrassing incident. The mistakes he made in El Clasico’s biggest game in the Copa del Rey final are unforgettable. The proof is, even though it has been eight years, the video of the incident is still playing and viral on various social media platforms.

That speck of stain was also able to erase Bartra’s good appearance throughout the match. The match really slapped Bartra in the face.

“I went from hero to trash in 15 minutes. I scored the first goal and I think this will be one of my best games. It was very difficult! He is very fast,” Bartra said in 2020 in an interview live on Iker Casillas’ official Instagram account .

“I was annoyed because they told me that Vicente del Bosque was in the stands and I had a goal to enter the national team. It was difficult to accept it. After what Bale did to me, I thought that was the end of my career in Spain,” said Bartra.

Bartra also revealed in a chat with Casillas that referee Mateu Lahoz gave him a few words of encouragement after Bale’s goal.

“I remember Mateu Lahoz came to me to pick me up a bit and told me to keep going. It was so good for me. I couldn’t believe it,” said Bartra.

After that embarrassing moment, Bartra remained a Barcelona player for two seasons before joining Borussia Dortmund in the summer of 2016. The 31-year-old returned to Spain in 2018 with Real Betis. Fortunately, Bale did not embarrass himself in the following years.

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