Losing Ardi Idrus, Persib Boss Not Worried About Choices in the Left Back Sector | 1NEWS

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Director of PT Persib Bandung Dignity (PBB), Teddy Tjahjono is not worried about the choice of players in the left-back sector following the departure of Ardi Idrus. He still opens the possibility for new recruits in that position.

This was conveyed by the Director of PT Persib Bandung Dignified (PBB) Teddy Tjahjono, in front of reporters on Wednesday (13/4/2022) when responding to the departure of Ardi Idrus from Persib.

For information, Ardi Idrus has decided to leave Persib Bandung on the same day.

The director of PT PBB admitted that he really wanted the 29-year-old player to stay in Bandung.

This seriousness is evidenced by the offer of a contract extension to the player in question.

However, Ardi Idrus chose to leave and continue his career with another team.

“Ardi’s contract expires on May 31, 2022 and an extension has been offered, but he has chosen to have a career at another club,” said Teddy as quoted from Tribun Jabar.

The departure of Ardi Idrus has practically made the stock of players in the Persib left-back sector running low.

Only Zalnando is left as a left fullback in the current Persib squad.

In fact, Bayu Fiqri can still be relied on as a left back if Zalnando or Ardi Idrus were absent from Liga 1 last season.

However, Bayu Fiqri’s natural position is a right-back.

Teddy Tjahjono still leaves the possibility that Persib Bandung will bring in a new left-back to add depth to the squad in that position.

For now, there has been no further discussion regarding the target figure for Ardi Idrus’ replacement.

However, Teddy Tjahjono will hear recommendations from the coaching team regarding players in that position.

“Actually Bayu can also play there.”

“Surely the coaching team will look for players in that position, it can be from anywhere,” said Teddy.

Persib itself has been linked with a number of left-back players.

The most widespread is the rumor that Gavin Kwan Adsit will soon be joining from Bali United to Bandung.


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