Niki Zefanya Makes History, Becomes the First Female Singer to Perform at Coachella

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Niki Zefanya at Coachella

Happy and proud news came from a young Indonesian musician, Niki Zefanya. He just performed at Coachella, the biggest and most iconic music concert in the United States on Saturday (16/4) yesterday. Niki Zefanya is not only a musician from Indonesia, on a different day Rich Brian also appeared at the music festival.

Interestingly, Niki Zefanya is the first Indonesian female singer to successfully perform at the prestigious music concert. This 23-year-old singer is known to have been the first Indonesian singer to penetrate 1.25 billion stream on Spotify. Niki Zefanya’s success in performing at Coachella is certainly a matter of pride for Indonesia.

Niki Zefanya admits that she is very grateful to be able to appear at the Coachella music festival

Niki Zefanya stage act at Coachella | Credit by @nikizefanya on Instagram

Niki Zefanya has successfully spread her wings in the music world, not only in Asia, she has also begun to penetrate the global music industry, especially the United States. Launching from Detik Hot, Niki Zefanya admits that she feels lucky and expresses her gratitude to be in her current career position.

“This moment is very historic. I am very, very grateful and feel lucky to be here, very grateful for everything today,” said Niki Zefanya, quoted from Detik Hot on Sunday (17/4).

Niki Zefanya’s works are loved by music lovers because they contain deep messages and meanings. In fact, Niki Zefanya once shared that she often received DMs and letters from fans revealing that they started doing creative and useful things after interpreting her works.

Niki sings some of his songs as well as songs Perfect courtesy of Andra and The Backbone

The performance of an Indonesian singer who has a career under the music label 88 on the Coachella stage managed to amaze the fans. Indonesian fans are no exception, who watched the concert live streaming. It is known that Niki Zefanya performed her songs at the music festival, starting from Selene, Plot Twist, Lowkey, Pandemonium, Every Summertime, Indigo, Strange Land, and Splits.

Interestingly, Niki Zefanya also performed the song Perfect courtesy of Andra and The Backbone. From the stage, Niki Zefanya revealed that the song “Perfect” was dedicated to fans in Indonesia.

“Next song for my family in my country,” Niki said before starting to strum her guitar and start singing.

Not only because of singing Indonesian songs, Niki Zefanya’s overall achievements certainly make this nation proud.

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