Not the Big Size?! This is the type of Mr P that is most liked by women, one of which is black is sexier

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1NEWS, Tangerang —

There are many men who think that a large penis size is a dream for many women. However, that’s not always the case. Women have their own preferences for the shape of the penis they like. According to, from the YouTube channel of dr. Boyke, explained that there are 3 types of Mr. P which are a favorite of women, because the type of Mr. P can make women reach orgasm.

“Many men who come to the couples’ clinic want to have a penis, long, big, and the item is their standard. The item is said to be sexier. The item is more exciting. Again, a man’s satisfaction is not in size, but in his ability to know the erogenous points, the violence, plus the duration of at least more than 5 minutes,” said Doctor Boyke.

dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha also added that efforts to increase the size of the penis by pulling, tapping, using oil from Kalimantan, or massaged by an expert. It’s all useless, because women’s satisfaction is not the right size.

He also advised men not to be lulled by advertisements that could lengthen and enlarge the size of the penis. Because what needs to be improved is self-confidence. Also the hardness of the penis and the duration of the game in bed.

“And remember what I always say, making a woman happy is not just with your penis. Making her happy is with your own behavior that is always pleasant. The one who always gives attention, which makes the woman feel herself as a person who is respected, loved, and appreciated. ,” he added.


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