Release of Love Game, Winaya Wants to Give Fresh Air to Indonesian Music Colors

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1NEWS – Talented soloist, Winaya released a low-key single in English entitled Love Game on February 18, 2022. This is Wiyana’s second work after the single Wait Dulu which was released in 2021.

In the process of making the single Love Game, Winaya was assisted by Asta RAN and Handy Soulvibe. Winaya revealed that the song Love Game, which Winaya has composed since 2020, has undergone many changes from the initial demo he gave.

“Compared to changes, it might be more appropriate to say that this song underwent an upgrade in the hands of Kak Handy and Kak Asta because they were able to realize what I wanted,” said Winaya during a photo shoot at recently.

However, the end result of some of these upgrades also produced satisfactory work.

“The music also sounds more pop-jazz, something I’ve wanted to try for a long time. There will be more variations in terms of arrangement as well, which I hope will sound fresh to the listeners’ ears,” said Winaya.

Winaya admits, Love Game is inspired by the true story of the closest person about the difficulty of finding the right person as a life partner. The story is considered by Winaya to be related to many people and must have happened to anyone.

“The process of making the lyrics of this song itself is also much longer than the composition of the melody because I insist on making a song that has an implied meaning. This song uses a lot of metaphors, so not all messages are conveyed directly,” said Winaya.

Furthermore, becoming a musician has actually been Winaya’s dream since she was young, but has disappeared due to her busy life in academics.

Until finally the woman who is also an animal lover is back on track to pursue her dream. Winaya also told how she made the song.

“Whenever I get an inspiration for a song, I reflexively make it in English. From there, I just matched the melody. If it turns out that the melody that is made is more suitable for Indonesian lyrics, I will change the language,” said the girl who was born in Jakarta.

Winaya is also grateful that there are no obstacles in the production of this second single. However, he revealed that there was one thing he found a bit difficult.

“If asked if there are difficulties, I think there are, namely in the arrangement because I have to”
translate what’s in my head to the producer brothers. This is quite difficult
during the working process. But, because from the beginning there was a clear concept, when it was presented to Sis Asta and Kak Handy, it was just a matter of uniting my concept with them,”

Winaya also hopes that the single “Love Game”, which will be released in the month of love, will be at the same time
with the launch of the music video, it was well received by music lovers all over Indonesia.

“I want to show local music listeners that I can
sing and make music across a wider range of genres. Hopefully Love Game can entertain and be accepted by anyone who listens,” concluded Winaya.


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