Resigning to be Aspri Hotman Paris, Iqlima Kim reveals that his job is only to wipe sweat until he often bickers, Hadeuh!

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1NEWS, Tangerang —

Iqlima Kim is the 9th personal assistant (Aspri) of Hotman Paris Hutapea. But since March 2022, he decided to resign. His decision to stop working as Aspri, is not about the job he is currently doing. It was revealed that there were allegations of verbal abuse by Hotman Paris Hutapea to this mother of one child.

“We often have different opinions, debate, bicker. There are also words from him that I think are very offensive to status,” said Iqlima Kim, quoted from the Celeb 360 broadcast on, quoted from Suara.comSunday (17/4).

Regarding work, Iqlima Kim explained that his duties were about preparing Hotman Paris items.

“(Work) Like most other Aspris. Accompany him to work, carry his belongings,” explained Iqlima Kim.

He also added, “Wiping his sweat also accompanied him during filming.” In addition, there are other regulations that are also set by Hotman Paris. Iqlima Kim is not allowed to work other than this famous lawyer.

“I have to stop. I can’t even play on my cellphone,” he said.

Whereas previously, being Hotman Paris’ personal assistant, Iqlima Kim already had another job.

“Before him, I had other activities,” he concluded.

Recently, after deciding to step down as Hotman Paris’ personal assistant, Iqlima Kim is already under contract as an artist. He became one of the players in the soap opera Suara Hati Istri on Indosiar.


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