Reza Arap Says Goodbye to Medos, Wendy Walters Shows Acrobatics Pole Dance: Healing is Cool

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Wendy Walters (Instagram/@wendywalters)

Wendy Walters shows off her new pole dance moves through her Instagram account.

Ade Wismoyo | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Sunday, April 17, 2022 | 14:39 WIB

1NEWS – Reza Arap’s wife, Wendy Walters, shocked the public with the latest pole dance moves, aka the acrobatic pole dance.

As is known, Wendy Walters is now in the spotlight after Reza Arap decided to take a break from social media activities.

Through her Instagram account, Wendy Walters shows off her hobby of pursuing pole dance. This time, Reza Arap’s wife showed off the latest pole dance movement.

Wendy Walters (Instagram/@wendywalters)

After 3 months since the last upload, Wendy Walters finally re-uploaded a video of herself dancing pole.

In the video upload, Wendy Walters looks confident that she is no longer accompanied by her coach when dancing the pole.

In addition, Wendy Walters’ body movements when swinging and twisting look very agile and graceful.

Suddenly, this received appreciation from a number of netizens who were amazed by Wendy Walters’ dance moves.

“Moves more smoothly, ci,” wrote one netizen, “It’s getting cooler,” continued another netizen, “Wendy Walters’ healing is awesome,” another netizen said, “Just like Tarzan,” another netizen replied, “Warm up before playing” another netizen said.

For information, Wendy Walters is known to have started pole dance activities since mid-August 2021.

Before pursuing pole dance, Wendy Walters herself was known as a dancer who often brought modern dance movements.

Pole dance aka pole dance is a gymnastic sport that is considered difficult because it must have a flexible and strong body.


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