Riko Simanjuntak Reveals The Most Memorable Experience While at Persija Jakarta | 1NEWS

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Persija Jakarta winger, Riko Simanjuntak revealed one of the most memorable moments while playing for Persija Jakarta.

In Liga 1 2021-2022 Riko became the most assist contributor for Persija Jakarta.

In total there were 8 assists that he gave last season.

As is known, Riko has joined the Kemayoran Tiger team since 2018.

He participated in presenting the 2021 Menpora Cup and 2018 Liga 1 champions.

One of the moments that this 30-year-old player will not forget is when he was able to bring Persija Jakarta to win the 2018 season.

“The most impressive thing is that in 2018 I entered Persija and gave the title.”

“Of course the most memorable especially when we won the League.”

“That’s where our struggle is, how is the cohesiveness of all the teams there, so we can achieve achievements, can win the 2018 league,” said Riko Simanjuntak as reported by BolaSport.com from Persija Jakarta’s youtube channel.

Riko admitted that he did not expect to join Persija Jakarta.

Moreover, the Kemayoran Tiger team has fanatical supporters.

“During my career at Persija I did not expect to be in this team.”

“Because we know the Persija team is one of the best and biggest teams in the country.’

“It has a huge fan base too,” he added.

The former Semen Padang player explained that supporters can always add enthusiasm when on the field.

This is what is missing in Liga 1 2021-2022.

The reason is that the competition must run without fans due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“Of course before the pandemic I felt how adrenaline was, if it was supported by the fans, it was extraordinary.”

“They sang throughout the game, it fueled the spirit on the pitch,” he concluded.


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