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Haru Tya Ariestya’s Confession Abandoned by ART Continues S1 Study

Dream – Tya Arestya wrote a touching story about her household assistant (ART), Muti, who had only been working for two months. According to Tya, Muti had the opportunity to continue her education.

My household assistant is going to S1 soon 😍 Be proud too! My beautiful art, who has only been working for 2 months, turns out to have the opportunity to continue my teacher’s thesis,” wrote Tya Arestya quoted on Friday, February 11, 2022.

According to this mother of two, Muti initially did not continue her studies because she thought she was too late to register for a state university.

Tya and ART Muti© Tya and ART Muti

Turns out that assumption was wrong. Muti is apparently still able to continue her studies and complete her thesis.

Even though he has only worked for two months, Muhammad Irfan Ratinggang’s wife gets a pleasant impression from her ART figure. Besides being diligent, smart and good at cooking, Muti is a pious girl because she is diligent in worshiping. However, in order to pursue her dream, Tya is willing to let go of the ART.

Huhuhu actually my ego doesn’t want to let go of this kid, smart, diligent, pious, his cooking is good, good, but he seems to have a future that will be even better! May you always be married to a good person,” he said.

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