The Ministry of Transportation Checks the Readiness of Roads in West Java and Central Java for Lebaran Transportation

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1NEWS, The Ministry of Transportation has projected a number of congestion-prone points during the Lebaran (Angleb) 2022 transportation period, especially in the West Java and Central Java regions.

In this regard, the Director General of Land Transportation, Budi Setiyadi, in his observation from Purwokerto to Jakarta on Sunday (17/4/2022) reported that a number of points that have the potential to experience congestion due to repairs have looked quite good and it is hoped that on D-10 before Eid al-Fitr is over. ready to be used by travelers.

“From the results of my monitoring today, several points around the national road from Pejagan to Prupuk, Central Java, are seen to be quite good because previously there was road damage. Earlier I also passed the Kretek-Bumiayu Bridge, it was seen that the water barrier was being cleaned. Given that the Ministry of PUPR has confirmed H “There will be no construction activities before Lebaran,” said Director General Budi.

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Director General Budi also reminded the Regional Government to anticipate the activities of the traditional market which is located right on the side of the main route of the Pantura which is feared to be the center of traffic jams.

It is known that on the Cirebon Pantura route, there are 6 traditional markets that are feared to be prone to congestion, namely the Tegal Gubuk Sandang Market, the Articlearan Emergency Market, the Mundu Market, the Gebang Market, the Weru Cake Market, and the Palimanan Sunday Market.

According to Director General Budi, the activities of traders and buyers in these traditional markets often reach the shoulder of the road. As a result, it could potentially hamper the movement of the vehicle flow back and forth, from Jakarta to Central Java, and vice versa.

“Therefore, I also appeal to the relevant regional governments to prepare the right scheme in anticipating this traffic jam-prone so that the travelers’ trips can be guaranteed safe and smooth,” said Director General Budi.

Furthermore, Director General Budi said that the Pantura route is one of the alternative routes often used by travelers to return to their hometowns. Ahead of Lebaran 1443 Hijriah, traffic conditions on the Cirebon toll road towards Cikampek are observed to be busy.

However, Director General Budi asked the public to arrange travel times so that traffic congestion does not occur due to traveling at the same time.


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