Tiara Andini Compares Raffi Ahmad with a Crocodile, Alshad Ahmad: It’s really bad Titi

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1NEWS – Singer Tiara Andini is again stealing the spotlight. This time it was related to the call for Alshad Kautsar Ahmad’s pet crocodile.

In a video shared on Instagram Stories, Saturday (16/4) afternoon, Tiara, wearing a black mask, greeted Alshad’s pet crocodile as Raffi Ahmad.

“Eh Aa Raffi how are you? Kumaha damang?” said Tiara to Alshad’s laughter while recording her boyfriend’s jokes.

“Aa Raffi, how are you? Oh God, have you been here for a long time? Are you in good health,” said Alshad laughing.

Accompanying the video upload, Alshad tagged Raffi and Tiara’s Instagram accounts. “It’s really bad Titi (Tiara’s nickname) @raffinagita1717,” he wrote.

I don’t know what Titi means. However, Raffi Ahmad before marrying Nagita Slavina was identical to a playboy symbolized by a crocodile.

Alshad himself is a cousin of Raffi Ahmad. Alshad’s father, Mansur Ahmad, is the older brother of Munawar Ahmad, Raffi’s father. Alshad is also the younger brother of Gya Sadiqah, the wife of Tarra Budiman. Alshad has long had a hobby of raising animals. His residence in Bandung is even like a mini zoo.


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