UGM Lecturer Spreads Ade Armando Hate Speech, Violating the Code of Ethics

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1NEWS – A lecturer at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is suspected of spreading hate speech against Ade Armando on his personal Twitter account.

Muannas Alaidid, the Executive Director of the Legal Mafia Eradication Committee, regretted the lecturer’s behavior.

Muannas was surprised by the level of professorship held by UGM lecturers who were suspected of making hate speech against Ade Armando.

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“At the level of a professor, the heart supports persecution and judgment on the streets just because of different views,” explained Muannas through his Twitter account, Sunday (17/4).

Not only that, he also considers that the world of education in Indonesia seems to be still low.

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“The world of our education is so low,” explained Muannas.

Muannas also suggested that the uploads from the alleged UGM lecturers should be deleted immediately.

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“My advice is to ask for the post to be deleted if you don’t make an official report about threats, Article 335 of the Criminal Code and 27 paragraph 4 of ITE @DivHumas_Polri,” Muannas wrote.


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