Viral Tiara Andini Calls Crocodile Using the Name Raffi Ahmad Tuai Condemnation: Not Polite!

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Tiara Andini and crocodile (Instagram/@lambegosiip)

Tiara Andini drew criticism after calling a crocodile by the name Raffi Ahmad.

Ade Wismoyo | Muhammad Azy Aminullah

Sunday, April 17, 2022 | 18:46 WIB

1NEWS – After being accused of being arrogant when asked for a photo by a fan, Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad returned to the public spotlight.

Through video uploads circulating, Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad are known to have visited a crocodile breeding place.

In the video, Tiara Andini greets a crocodile in captivity while mentioning Raffi Ahmad’s name.

Tiara Andini and crocodile (Instagram/@lambegosiip)

“Eh Aa Raffi how are you? Kumaha damang?” said Tiara Andini.

Meanwhile, Alshad Ahmad spontaneously laughed at his lover’s joke.

Alshad Ahmad then welcomed Tiara Andini’s joke by mentioning Raffi Ahmad’s name.

“Aa Raffi how are you, a? Oh God, it’s been a long time, a?” continued Alshad Ahmad.

Seeing her lover’s good response to his joke, Tiara Andini then joked again.

“Healthy, healthy,” replied Tiara Andini quoted from Instagram @lambegosiip.

In this regard, some netizens considered the attitude of Tiara Andini and Alshad Ahmad to be disrespectful because they made jokes with people who were much older than them.

“That’s impolite,” wrote one netizen, “Should be more shy with Raffi,” continued another netizen, “To older people, is it fair to joke like that?” another netizen said.

On the other hand, a number of netizens asked for Tiara Andini’s joke to Raffi Ahmad so that it would not be exaggerated.

“His name is also young,” wrote one netizen, “This is okay, okay?” another netizen said, “Off the camera they like roasting each other,” another netizen said.


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