4 Rules of Husband and Wife Doing ‘Azl’ During Intimate Relationship | 1NEWS

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This opinion was reported by the Shafi’iyyah based on the Sahih hadith narrated from Jabir Ra

ابِرٍ – الله – الَ : – ا لُ لَى عَهْدِ لِ اَللَّهِ – صلى الله ليه لم – الْقُرْآنُ لُ , وَلَوْ كَانَ ا – لَنَهَ لُ

لِمُسْلِمٍ : – لَغَ لِكَ اَللَّهِ – صلى الله ليه لم – لَمْ ا – (2) .

“We did Azl in the time of Rasulullah SAW while the Qur’an was down, if only it was a prohibition, the Qur’an would have prohibited us from doing it,” (Mutafaq ‘Alaih / Sunan Ibn Maajah Vol 1 Pg 620),

“We did `azl at the time of the Prophet (PBUH). The news reached him, but he did not forbid it.” (Muslim)

However, according to An-Nawawy (Ulama’ Syafiiyyah) in Syarh Muslim, it is emphasized that if Azl is carried out to avoid pregnancy, the law is absolutely makruh whether there is the wife’s willingness or not because Azl’s action is considered to cut off the offspring.

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