5 Signs Someone Is Addicted To Sex To Watch Out For, What Are?

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1NEWS, Bekasi —

Not only men, women can also experience sex addiction. A study says sex addiction is caused by a hormone known as oxytocin. The hormone oxytocin is thought to make people more attached.

Swedish scientists reported from The Sunalso assessed that people who had excess oxytocin were more likely to be attracted to many people at one time for the purpose of sex.

Here are some warning signs that someone has compulsive sexual behavior, also known as hypersexuality and sex addiction.

Repetitive and intense fantasies and sexual urges can indicate a person is addicted to sex. Some sex addicts have their own preoccupations about sex. Even this can interfere with productivity.

Actually people who masturbate does not mean sex addiction. However, repeated masturbation and too often can be a warning sign of sex addiction.

3. Risky sexual habits

People who are hypersexual prefer risky challenges, such as sex outside of marriage, unprotected sex and often watching porn. Some even engage in illegal sexual activities.

4. Relationship problems

Many sex addicts have difficulty establishing or maintaining healthy relationships. They sometimes avoid physical, sexual and emotional intimacy for fear of being vulnerable.

5. Inability to stop or control behavior

The strong urges and fantasies of sex addicts make them feel as though they are beyond their control. They have a realization that these urges cannot be controlled, regardless of the financial, medical or social consequences.


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