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The world’s trillionaires are not a different species from the rest of us, but how did they succeed? Here are eight habits that have proven to be instrumental in the success of the world’s richest people in various industries:
1. Have priority and focus

These ‘super rich’ people spend their time efficiently and effectively. They don’t hesitate to refuse requests that they don’t think will help them achieve the target they are focused on.

2. Don’t like to waste time

As is known, the founder of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, always wears a gray T-shirt on almost all occasions. Not without reason. This was done because he was reluctant to spend energy, thought and time just to think about what to wear today.

3. Enjoy Learning

These super rich people are always learning. They are always abreast of information, current events and self-development. They are challenged to always understand the various problems around them and curious to find solutions: how things work, is there a way to make it more efficient and better.

4. Hobby of reading

Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates are book addicts. Buffett even spends 80% of his time reading! Gates admits to reading about 50 books every year. This habit is recognized as being able to keep them from learning new knowledge which they use to find fresh ideas or develop existing ones.

5. Have passion and perseverance

Without a great passion for what they do, one will not succeed. In the midst of the process of building a business empire, the obstacles and obstacles they face are also not small.

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