Admits Regret Divorcing from Fairuz A Rafiq 8 Years Ago, Galih Ginanjar’s Statement Reaps Controversy

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Galih Ginanjar

Galih Ginanjar has become a hot topic for netizens again after making surprising confessions. Previously, he admitted that he really missed the figure of a child he had previously disowned, namely King Faaz. This time, he admitted that he regretted his divorce from his ex-wife, Fairuz A Rafiq.

In fact, the two of them divorced almost eight years ago, in 2014. After divorcing Fairuz, Galih was married to Barbie Kumalasari which also ended in divorce. Meanwhile, Fairuz lives happily with Sonny Septian and has two children.

Galih’s confession was revealed when he was a guest star on podcast with Indra Bekti

Galih regrets divorce with Fairuz | Credit: @galihginanjar via Instagram

Galih Ginanjar admitted that he regretted having divorced Fairuz A Rafiq when he was a guest star on podcast with Indra Bekti. The statement went viral after being re-uploaded on Instagram.

The confession stems from Indra Bekti’s question about what he would like to do if he could turn back time.

“If you could go back in time, for example, what would you like to do?” asked Indra Bekti as host reported from @lambegosiip, Sunday (17/4).

Indra Bekti’s question was immediately answered by Galih Ginanjar. He said he would not divorce and would maintain his household.

“At that time, yes, I was not divorced. That’s all. Whatever happens in my household, maybe I will defend it, ” replied Galih Ginanjar.

Galih views his household problems with Fairuz as trivial

Fairuz A Rafiq

Galih views his household problems with Fairuz as trivial | Credit: @fairuzarafiq via Instagram

Not only that he regretted having divorced Fairuz, Galih considered that his household at that time could actually be maintained. He said the problems they faced were trivial.

“Because I was 25 at that time. Still really emotional for each other, ego. But now that I’m in my 30s, I just realized that actually it’s trivial things that don’t need to be done like that,” Galih said.

Barbie Kumalasari’s ex-husband regretted his condition at that time, who did not understand each other when facing trials. He regretted not strengthening each other’s relationship and instead decided to separate.

However, Galih Ginanjar’s words were actually full of sarcasm by netizens. They did not believe what Galih said and thought he was just looking for attention. The reason is, lately his son, King Faaz, is being viral on social media because of his sweet behavior.


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